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Looks good and will last

Made sense to have the oiling done pre-delivery as it meant we could put bees in pretty well straightaway.

Short Hive
rupert willday
My favorite new hive!

Looks amazing and well built. Bees installed yesterday, can’t wait to see how they settle in!
Loving the clear pvc top boards and way less lifting! Inspections are so much less intrusive. This is my first but I am sure not my last!

Clear Crown Board
Vittoria Thornley
Great service!

Excellent, well made crown board with plexiglass, delivered quickly.

Very efficient

Excellent service

Short Hive
Carolyn Andrews
So well built

Excellent product.
Very well made
Smells of newly cut wood
Sure Bees will be happy when they move in.
Thank you Guys

Just the best

If only everyone was this helpful. Great product, great communication and delivery couldn't be more helpful.

Pine top bar
Alison Brown

Absolutely fantastic customer service and top quality product! Will definitely be buying more and will be our go-to supplier for the future! Highly recommended! We love our top bar hive, thank you so much ☺️

Long Hive
Tim Cope
Long Hive

Top quality hive. Excellent workmanship and friendly service. Will definitely be getting another.

Looking good

Definitely worth getting done, especially with the weather we've had recently.
Nowhere dry to do it myself, as much as my wife loves the hive I don't think I would have got away with doing it in the front room...

Long Hive
Ivan Wilson
Long Hive

Excellent workmanship and quality. I will certainly be ordering another.

Long Hive
Kenneth Parkin

Absolutely beautiful A1

Pine top bar
Stephen Stubbs
New top bar to the collection

Extremely well made, liked the closable air vents in bottom, cant wait to get a swarm or two in it.

Layens Hive
Caroline Crolla
My first Layens Hive

Dean delivered my Layens hive a couple of weeks ago and I was lucky enough to receive a swarm soon after. The Layens hive is beautifully made: strong, robust, easy to manage. Lifting the roof is a delight. I’ve decided to adopt what some call a more natural approach to beekeeping as practised by Leo Sharaskin, Phil Chandler and Gene Rene (all of whom have produced excellent YouTube videos). This Layens hive will hopefully help my bees flourish and over-winter well. It is a thing of beauty...

Long Hive
Jill Forrest
Quality workmanship

Beautifully made, excellent quality materials, wonderful design.....and the cedar smelled so nice I wanted to keep it in the house!

Long Hive
Robert Blake
Excellent quality & design

I put a 5 frame nuc into this hive the day after receiving it. They have now expanded to 10 frames in 2 weeks of cold weather (although I have fed them with fondant) - so I guess they are happy. I look forward to seeing how productive they become over the season. I love the way that I can examine brood and honey frames without disturbing the colony - and without lifting boxes on and off!

Long Hive
Danielle Sheard

Long hive looks lovely and well made. We don’t have our bees 🐝 yet, they should be coming soon. We are waiting for the rest of the order from the shop which is coming in the post.. we are still setting up but very pleased with the hive so far

Long Hive
James Wraight
Hyde hives long hive

What can I say, the workmanship on the hive was absolutely first class with attention to detail fantastic.
Looking forward to adding bees.
Going to start off with 2 frame splits, just fantastic that the follower board can be moved to accommodate small initial split and moved across gradually as the colony expands.
Thanks Dean and Matt very pleased with purchase. Will be back for more and also the observation hive when you start them again.

Short Hive
Fiona Pedlar
Great quality hive

I'm really impressed with this hive, It's a lovely design and beautifully made with quality materials.

Long Hive
Mrs Sandra Wood

Absolutely delighted with our new long hive ,was really pleased with quick delivery
We'll be ordering another one soon

Long Hive
Brenda Bryant

Very pleased with the good quality workmanship and looking forward to using it in the spring.
A bonus would be to have an option to use either end entry or front entry as a choice so you could block either off as preferred depending on how you wanted to position hive in a garden ie direction of flight paths for the bees!
We might then by another one!!
Many thanks.

Oiled up and ready to go

I’m glad I had the option of the oiled service as since I received the hive it has rained consistently! No place to store and no place to do myself. As with the hive, a great job.

Long Hive
Stephen Drewell
Melksham Beekeepers Association Long Hive

Purchased a new long hive for MBKA club training apiary. Delivered by Dean in the back of his van. The quality is excellent. It has now been treated and located on site ready to receive two new colonies.

Long Hive
meryl bowles
nice hive, shame about the legs ;- )

Lovely hive, and excellent delivery team, very helpful. I am happy with the hive, just need to learn how to manage bees in it now.
Only snag - I asked Matt about the width of the splayed legs to be sure they would fit on a 600mm slab and was reassured the measurement to the outside edge of the legs is 600mm. When it arrived it didn't fit on the slabs, as the outside edge measurement is 645mm. More groundwork required ;- )

Buzz work wear soft hide leather cloves

Really pleaded with these that I received as part of my hive bundle, they fit really well and are super comfortable

Couldn’t be happier

Genuinely thrilled with this purchase. I have spent almost two years looking at beehives before embarking on beekeeping. For me this long hive is visually stunning but importantly for a beginner it doesn’t feel overly complicated. The hive is superb quality and the support from both Matt with my many questions prior to ordering and then Dean on delivery was great, genuinely helpful, lovely people and as many others have said, I am sure I will be back in for another hive in the not to distant future. Thank you hydehives.