Why Choose Hyde Hives?

"I can't wait to get the bees moved into their 5-star home." – Ian Floyd, who purchased the National Long Hive

Everything we do, we do for the love of bees. We bet you do too – it’s probably why you’re on our site today. Through our hives, we aim to give bees the best possible living environment, while helping you to get the most out of your beekeeping experience. Here are eight ways Hyde Hives betters your beekeeping.

 1. Benefit from the very best in British craftsmanship

All of our hives are handmade to order, using only the highest quality British materials. This includes the finest English cedar wood, which we source from a sustainable forest near the workshop. By choosing Hyde Hives, you’re supporting your country’s economy and helping the environment too.

 2. Support your bees with a healthy and happy home

It’s not just about the outer hive. We want to create the best possible environment for the colony, which is why our brood boxes are designed to mimic the size of the wild honeybee’s preferred nesting site. The inside of the hive is also rough hewn which, like when the bees are in nature, encourages the production of propolis, a resin material that maximises their ability to fight off diseases.

3. Getting started couldn’t be easier 

Don’t worry about assembling things correctly – we’ll do all that for you. We personally deliver your hive fully built and ready to go, before providing you with a handy starter pack that offers everything you need to begin your beekeeping journey. Be sure to check out Easy Hive, our online resources hub that draws on our 15 years’ hive building experience and Dean’s own beekeeping knowledge. There you’ll learn how to source bees, discover helpful videos, and have access to bespoke training and online materials.

4. Learn loads by seeing your colony up close

In your hive, you’ll find lots of built-in perspex, which helps you see clearly what your bees are up to and look after the colony in between inspections. If you plan on incorporating natural beekeeping techniques, this really makes it easy for you to still keep an eye on your bees and stay connected to the colony. It’s also a great learning tool for children and visitors to your apiary.

5. Get everyone involved with total accessibility

From the little ones who are buzzing to learn about beekeeping, to those with bad backs or certain disabilities, we make sure that everyone can take part in beekeeping. How? With hives that are horizontal by design, so there’s no heavy lifting. During an inspection, all you have to do is open the gas-strutted roof and you’re in.

6. Enjoy glorious natural honey with minimal disruption to your colony

We fully support the industry-leading Flow™ system, which cuts out the sticky work of harvesting by giving you honey quickly on tap. Did you know? It causes minimal disruption to your bees too. Our hives are designed to fit Flow™ frames and we’ve also included clever storage solutions for the Flow™ tool, as well as our own harvesting shelf. Just grab some honey jars or a harvesting bucket and you can collect pure honey, straight from the hive.

7. Clever design details that save you time and effort

We’ve thought of them so you don’t have to. For example, each of our hives has a world-first frame holder in the roof and built-in storage for all the equipment you need. This could be your hive tool, your queen excluder in the winter or your clearing board in the summer. There’s even a special spot to clip on your smoker during an inspection.

8. Enjoy total luxury and make your hive your own

The natural beauty of our cedar wood, combined with its incredible longevity, means that our hives make a truly luxurious piece of garden furniture that will last you decades. Fancy putting your own spin on things? Then why not paint the roof of your hive in your favourite colour? If you’re a commercial enterprise, school or club, you can even add your logo