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Hyde Hives

Queen Rearing (8xNuc)

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Introducing our unique 5 framed 8 x Nuc Queen Rearing Long Hive, designed with 8 separate compartments and entrances to facilitate queen rearing. Constructed from top-quality English cedar grown in Cirencester, this hive is partitioned six times to create 8 Nucs, with 3 entrances at the front, 3 at the back, and 2 at either end.

We offer the flexibility of different frame sizes to cater to your preferences, including National, Langstroth, Commercial, and 14x12.

The dimensions of the hive are as follows:

Width: 600mm (with a base width of 645mm) Length: 1800mm Height: 1000mm (measured from the top of the brood box)

Please note that frames are not included with the hive but can be purchased from our store for your convenience.

At [Company Name], we take great care in delivering your hive to ensure it arrives in pristine condition. We offer a personal delivery service for a flat rate of £75, exclusively to customers in England and Wales.

Invest in our 5-framed 8 x Nuc Queen Rearing Long Hive and experience the convenience and benefits of queen-rearing with ease!

Here is Black Mountain honey's Long hive queen rearing playlist.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael Fokinther

Hyde hives are a very easy company to deal with. The hive is very well built and will suit its purpose just fine, although I don’t have bees in it just yet. Delivery was prompt and the driver courteous and helpful. Couldn’t ask for more really.


A truly outstanding piece of beekeeping kit.

Richard Oliver

Very well built long hive as it says on the box 8x5 frame queen rearing hive can’t wait to get bees into it and start using

Sheila Rawson

Looking forward to testing this out this season. Quality of the hive materials and craftsmanship excellent. I particularly like the ability to move the division boards to unite colonies , or increase space for growing nuclei. I have a slight reservation about the slightly large gap between the closed floor tray and wall of the hive - though ventilation is important, insulation is scientifically proven to be critical , and in a windy exposed site like mine , I may need to make some adjustments to reduce this gap.

Queen Rearing Hive

This is my third purchase from Dean & Matt at Hyde Hives and I'm not dissapointed at all. Their long hives are great quality and solidly made with attention to detail. I've currently got 4 Nucs rehoused in it and love the fact that you can take the partitions out if your nucs are getting short of room to maker different configurations which make this a very versatile hive.
Thanks again to Dean, Matt and the team.