How to keep bees in a Long hive

We've partnered with Laurence from Black Mountain Honey to offer you a series of straightforward long hive beekeeping lessons. His UK-based beekeeping channel aims to keep things simple and enjoyable, with no overly complicated techniques or equipment. He covers a range of topics, including disease control, honey extraction, swarm management, making splits, and more.

Episode #1

How to install a colony of bees in your new Long Hive

Episode #2

Your first long hive inspection

Episode #3

Adding a swarm into your long hive

Episode #4

How to balance your 2 colonies

Episode #5

How to harvest your honey

Episode #6

Late Summer Feeding

Episode #7

Varroa Treatment

Episode #8

Long Hive Insulation


Episode #9

Winter update


Episode #10

How to stop swarming