How to keep bees in a Long hive

By Black Mountain Honey

We have teamed up with Laurence from Black Mountain Honey to bring you a series of NO NONSENSE LONG HIVE BEEKEEPING

NO NONSENSE BEEKEEPING is a UK based beekeeping channel, designed to keep beekeeping as simple and enjoyable as possible. There are no overly complicated techniques or intricate pieces of equipment.

We will cover all long hive beekeeping topics ranging from disease recognition/control, honey extraction, swarm management/collection, how to make splits and much more!

Episode #1

How to install a colony of bees in your new Long Hive

Episode #2

Your first long hive inspection

Episode #3

Adding a swarm into your long hive

Episode #4

How to balance your 2 colonies

Episode #5

How to harvest your honey

Episode #6

Late Summer Feeding

Episode #7

Varroa Treatment

Episode #8

Long Hive Insulation


Episode #9

Winter update


Episode #10

How to stop swarming