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Hyde Hives

Oiled and Waterproof Service

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This process of oiling the hive will take at least 3 days to do, we have to let the first coat of clear Danish oil dry before we apply the next coat, 3 coats and your long hive will not need doing for years or decades.....


Main body - English Cedar

Roof - Phenolic resin ply

Stand - English Cedar


(approx) 800mm x 400mm

480mm deep

20 Frames in total

Care information

Use clear Danish oil once every year or two

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beverley Rhodes
Stands up well ti the rain and other elements

I love the Hyde Hive so much! The coating has protected from the extreme storms we’ve had plus the lashing rain. The colour is bright too. Really worth it ti protect the hives

A Bate
Well Worthwhile

Makes sense to oil the hive in 'factory conditions' before facing the weather. A good-looking job.

Tracey Newbold

Well worth the money to have the hive oiled and waterproofed before delivery.
Nice finish and rich colour.

James Ormerod
Looks good and will last

Made sense to have the oiling done pre-delivery as it meant we could put bees in pretty well straightaway.

Tim Cope
Looking good

Definitely worth getting done, especially with the weather we've had recently.
Nowhere dry to do it myself, as much as my wife loves the hive I don't think I would have got away with doing it in the front room...