Long Hive

Frame Type:

This 40 framed long hive is for 2 separate colonies and can be made in 3 different frame sizes and constructed from English cedar grown in Cirencester.

  • National (most popular)
  • 14x12 
  • Langstroth 

Beekeepers that are used to working with National hives will feel very much at home with the long National hive because it consists simply of an extended brood body. It has standard frames, and all parts of the hive can be accessed easily. Colonies are managed by inserting queen excluders and division boards vertically, and different entrances at each end to achieve splits or accommodate two colonies in a single hive. Made from English cedar that we mill and season at the workshop.


  • The hive is fully assembled

  • 4 x Perspex crown boards

  • 2 x Entrance reducer's (1 per colony)

  • 1 x Divider board

Please note: Queen excluders are not included and after much research and customer feedback, we realise they are not needed in our long hives. But obviously, if you would like to run your hive with a queen excluder (as lots of beeks do) they are available to purchase below.

You can purchase queen excluders here

Key features

Gas struts to keep the roof open

Clear crown boards for easy inspection


width x 600mm (base width 645mm)

length x 1800mm

height x 1000mm (top of brood box)

Please note: 

Frames and foundation are not included but can be purchased ready and assembled from our store here

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Paul Gallimore (Hawthorn Honey)
Real Quality

I absolutely love my 40 frame Hyde long hive. The quality is outstanding and you can tell it's a Beekeeper making these because there is nothing I can think of that I'd change or improve on. So well built, I honestly don't know how they do it for the price. The moment I watched the Black Mountain Honey review on YouTube I knew I was going to get one. Cheers Matt and Dean, it was a pleasure to deal with you.

Derek Beesley
Real quality, built to last..!

Arrived earlier than expected in perfect condition. As I oiled the hive the aroma of cut cedar was so comforting, a beautiful piece of craftsmanship & I can't wait for the spring and to house the first of my colonies. An new adventure in my beekeeping journey. Exciting times ahead.

Keith Philliskirk
Good job

Received my long hive, already built up. It was very heavy. I had to strip it down to move it. I’ve treated the stand and made metal cups for the feet. Insulated the roof and cut panels for the crown boards. My bee’s have already been selected and repositioning to align with the long hive. I’m really pleased with my purchase. Good job lads 👍🏻

Roger Brown
Roger Brown

The hive is beautifully made and finished.
I was thinking of giving up beekeeping because of my disability but not now.
This hive is a game changer in many ways. Being able to check on the the bees takes seconds.
No more heavy lifting.

Mark Neill

Can’t wait to see the bees in the new hive in the spring great looking hive well made.
It was a pleasure dealing with Matt & Dean

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