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Hyde Hives

Long Hive

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This 40-framed long hive is for 2 separate colonies and can be made in 3 different frame sizes and constructed from English cedar grown in Cirencester.

  • National (most popular)
  • 14x12 
  • Langstroth 

Beekeepers that are used to working with National hives will feel very much at home with the long National hive because it consists simply of an extended brood body. It has standard frames, and all parts of the hive can be accessed easily. Made from English cedar that we mill and season at the workshop.


  • The hive is fully assembled

  • 4 x Perspex crown boards

  • 2 x Entrance reducers (1 per colony)

  • 1 x Divider board

Key features

Gas struts to keep the roof open



width x 600mm (base width 645mm)

length x 1800mm

height x 1000mm (top of brood box)

Please note:

After a lot of research and customer feedback, we no longer supply our hives with queen excluders or dummy boards. These are not needed in long hives as the colony will naturally keep the honey stores and the brood separate. With standard stacked hives, the queen moves up the hive to where it's warmer, this does not happen in a long hive.

Frames and foundation are not included but can be purchased ready and assembled from our store here


Main body - English Cedar

Roof - Phenolic resin ply

Stand - English Cedar


(approx) 800mm x 400mm

480mm deep

20 Frames in total

Care information

Use clear Danish oil once every year or two

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Solid Product

I wanted to test out the long hive as next year I will be rearing Nucs for re-sale in my local area. I purchased the standard longhive as a means to test out the product and then purchase the slightly more expensive Queen Rearing Hive next year. The product does not disappoint and the customer service is ideal. I did receive two bottom boards that were different lengths to the third but speaking with CS and new ones have been sent out. The roof space fits a large rapid feeder and you can run two feeders at the same time. Also great that every hive that is purchased a tree is planted, a nice touch!

Perfect all round

Excellent service, and I absolutely love my hive and the extras I requested, I have a dodgy shoulder so this was and is perfect for me. The Hive itself is impressive, very well made, I would definately recommend Hyde Hives and hope to use them again.

New long hive

What a fabulous hive. No more bending and inspections are a doddle. Absolutely love it. Would definitely recommend it to everyone.

kim treasure
Fantastic Hive

Brilliant service and an amazing hive, very well made and the bees are happy. Thank you so much, would definitely recommend.

Great build quality, build time, delivery and support

The build quality on this hive is great, it's super sturdy and good material. If this type of hive is what you're looking for, you can't go wrong with this one.