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Beekeepers that are used to working with National hives will feel very much at home with the Long National hive because it consists simply of an extended brood body. It has standard frames, and all parts of the hive can be accessed easily. Colonies are managed by inserting queen excluders and division boards vertically, and different entrances at each end to achieve splits or accommodate two colonies in a single hive. Made from English Cedar your Long Hive is built to last. 

This 44 framed Long Hive can be made in 4 frame sizes: the National (most popular) 14x12, Langstroth, and Commercial. The British Standard National is the most popular in the UK, around 75% of beekeepers use this type of beehive.

What's going on inside:

Our Long Hives are for 2 colonies, it uses a total of 44 frames (22 per colony) 11 frames for brood and 11 for the honey stores, the brood and honey stores are separated with a verticle queen excluder.

Please note: our long hives use the same size frames throughout, if you are a new beekeeper we do not advise using 14x12 frames, 14x12 are great in standard hives for a larger brood but these will also be used as honey stores in our long hives so they won't fit in your honey spinner.



  • The hive is fully assembled

  • 2 x Perspex crown boards

  • 2 x Standard crown boards

  • 2 x Entrance reducer's (1 per colony)

  • 2 x Queen excluders

  • 2 x Clearing boards 

  • 1x Partition board

 Key features:

Gas struts to keep the roof open

Varroa mesh floor, queen excluder, and clearer board

Clear crown boards for easy inspection


width x 600mm

length x 1800mm

height x 1000mm (top of brood box)

the height can be made altered to suit your needs

Please note: 

The frames are not included but can be purchased from our store

Delivery to England and Wales only. or Collection from Workshop,  £50 delivery charge

Customer Reviews

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Great purchase

Excellent service and the hive is top quality


Amazing service, really helpful and

Amazing service, really helpful and answered all my questions. Hive is beautiful and can't wait for my bees to have it as their new home.

Fantastic long hive

I am so pleased with the long hive. It looks great and the workmanship is superb. It will make life so much easier for me. I think this is the way to.go and have already decided to gradually change my other hives over. I have added a handle on the side to lift the roof so that I'm not putting pressure on the edge of the roof all the time. Thank you Dean and Matt from Hyde Hives.