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Hyde Hives

Short Hive

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Introducing our short hive, designed to house a single colony of bees! Crafted from high-quality materials and expertly constructed, this hive provides a safe and comfortable home for your bees.

The dimensions of the hive are as follows: Width: 600mm Length:1200mm Height: 1000mm

Unlike long hives, our short hive is designed to accommodate only one colony of bees. It is perfect for beekeepers who are just starting out or who have limited space.

We do not supply queen excluders or dummy boards with our short hives, as these are unnecessary for a single colony. Instead, the bees will naturally separate honey stores and brood, without the need for any additional assistance.

Please note that frames and foundation are not included with the hive, but they can be purchased pre-assembled from our friends over at hobeek they are of great quality and work perfectly with our hives.

Our short hive is available in three different frame sizes to suit your preferences. Choose from the National, 14x12, or Langstroth frame sizes, depending on your experience and preferences as a beekeeper.

Whether you're a seasoned beekeeper or just starting out, our short hive is the perfect choice for housing a single colony of bees. Expertly crafted from top-quality materials, this hive will provide a safe and comfortable home for your bees for years to come. Order yours today and give your bees the home they deserve!

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Jane Millard
Selly Oak bees

Love my hive as do the bees. Excellent quality. Only one suggestion- if you only have one colony or even if it expands into the second hive space, it’s not possible to turn the entrance piece of wood to block it unlike the older style National hives.

Keith C
Brilliant New Hive

Looking forward to installing my British Black Bee Nucleus into my new Hyde Short Hive…. Fantastic build quality and delivered to my garden! Thanks Dean

Gary Peacock

Not sure about glass cover, bees have waxed it to frames, any ideas

Jonathan Pocock

Great give!!

Heidi Darley
Great service

I bought two longhives - as i was away in the day of delivery, i had left a message where the hives were to go, and to my total satisfaction they were carried right to the back of the garden and left i
N exactly the spots indicated, such a relief. The hives look very well crafted, great workmanship
Thank you