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Layens Hive

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In the 19th century, French beekeeper George de Layens invented a hive that is gaining popularity worldwide. The hive's design is based on Layens' sustainable beekeeping principles, which prioritise the use of local bees and appropriate hives that require minimal management.

By utilising large hives with big frames and enough space for the queen to lay eggs, natural swarming can be minimised, and a robust colony can be established in preparation for the winter. Thousands of Layens hives are currently in use in the USA, and over 1 million can be found in Spain.

The Layens hive features 20 conventionally spaced frames, each measuring 440x340mm wide. The top bars are butted together at the top of the hive to provide extra insulation. This particular Layens hive style is ideal for UK beekeepers and includes varroa mesh floors, pull-out inspection trays, and two entrances for potential use with colonies.

The hive comes fully assembled, complete with 20 assembled Layens frames, two entrance reducers (one for each colony), and a partition board.

    A walkthrough video of our Layens hive by Black Mountain Honey


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    J Woodhouse
    Great Craftsmanship

    These are really great hives, the build quality is excellent and I'm looking forward to getting the bees in them. It's also good to deal with a real company consisting of real people, such a difference in this day and age.

    Andrew Ellis
    Fantastic quality

    Absolutely amazing hive. Amazing quality and with great workmanship. Would definitely buy another!!@

    Peter Wilson
    Lovely addition to the Apiary

    I am delighted with my new Layens Hive from Hyde Hives. A beautiful looking and sturdy hive which will compliment my Long Hive superbly. The build is excellent, I have no doubt it will give me many many years of great service.

    I’m unsure to run it as one or two hives at the moment I’ll see how the new colony takes to it and how they progress. The bees certainly have 5 star accommodation with this hive.

    Thanks again Matt & Dean for a lovely bit of kit.

    Tracey Newbold
    Beautiful hive

    Excellent service from start to finish. The hive is beautifully made and unique.
    Delivery was fast and communication was excellent.
    A personal service, informative and helpful throughout.
    20 deep frames (no wax) ready for a new swarm. Sturdy stand . Perfect hive for a more hands off approach to beekeeping or just for something a little different.
    I would highly recommend Hyde Hives.

    J Black

    The hive is a work of art. It is beautifully made and immaculate. Everything fits together perfectly and I can't wait to use it next season. Great customer service and delivery in just a few days. Thank you guys.