Layens Hive

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Devised by French beekeeper George de Layens in the 19th century, this hive is becoming more and more popular with thousands now in use in the USA and over 1 million in Spain alone.

Layens advocated sustainable beekeeping that rested on two principles;

  1. Use local, indigenous bees.
  2. Keep them inside appropriate hives that require minimal management and mimic the cavity size of a hollow tree.

With big hives, big frames, and plenty of room for the queen to lay uninterrupted, you should be able to minimize natural swarming, produce enough honey that the hive-site will allow, and build up a strong colony ready for the winter.

The hive includes 20 frames (440x340mm wide) conventionally spaced but top bars butted together at the top of the hive for added insulation.

Please note that this is a Hyde Hives style Layens hive that we feel is more suited to UK beekeepers, with varroa mesh floors and pull-out inspection trays, we have also added a second entrance for it to be potentially used for colonies.


  • The hive is fully assembled
  • 20 x assembled Layens frames
  • 2 x Entrance reducer's (1 per colony)
  • 1 x Partition board


Measurements: (approx) 800mm x 400mm and 480mm deep



Key features:

Gas struts to keep the roof open

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Layens Double Hive

Very pleased with the excellent workmanship and attention to detail. Also appreciated being able to discuss exactly what I wanted and receive first class advice.

Lynda W.
The way forward

A beautifully crafted hive ready for some very lucky spring bees, obviously made by people who know and respect bees and how they like to live. The hive looks stylish and sturdy, delivered and sited efficiently and courteously. Perfect customer service, thank you Hyde hives

Christopher Wilson
Exceptional craftsmanship.

The attention for detail to suit a UK bee keeper are just right. I saw this style of hive in Spain 3yrs ago and have wanted to try it since. Thanks Hyde hives team.

Patrick Trembath

The Layens that Hyde Hives made is better than i expected. The build quality is excellent and delivery was on time and the communication with the company was brilliant. They where very helpfull and very curtieus. and great for the environment as they plant a tree for every hive that has been made . This the first time i will use a Layens and looking forward probably next season .I will hopefully purchase another hive next year . 5 star rating Thanks.

Jill Blackett
New venture

The Layens hive arrived quicker than expected, great service and delivery and is very well constructed. I have managed to treat it with Danish oil (between downpours of rain) and now am looking forward to finding it some new residents. Thank you Matt, Dean and delivery driver.

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