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Long Hive

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Introducing our 40-framed long hive, specially designed to accommodate two separate colonies! Crafted from top-quality English cedar that we grow in Cirencester, this hive is available in three different frame sizes to suit your preferences.

Our long hive is available in the National, 14x12, and Langstroth frame sizes, with the National being the most popular choice among beekeepers. If you're accustomed to working with National hives, you'll find the transition to our long National hive to be seamless. The hive features an extended brood body and standard frames, allowing for easy access to all parts of the hive.

At our workshop, we carefully mill and season the cedar to ensure that it's of the highest quality. You can be confident that your bees will thrive in our long hive, which is not only sturdy and durable, but also beautiful to look at. Order your hive today and give your bees a happy, healthy home!


  • The hive is fully assembled

  • 2 x Perspex crown boards and 2 x ply

  • 2 x Entrance reducers (1 per colony)

  • 1 x Divider Board


The dimensions of our hive are as follows:

Width: 600mm (with a base width of 645mm) Length: 1800mm Height: 1000mm (measured from the top of the brood box)

Please be advised that we no longer provide queen excluders or dummy boards with our hives. Through extensive research and customer feedback, we have found that these accessories are not necessary for long hives. In this type of hive, the colony will naturally separate honey stores from the brood without any assistance. Unlike in standard stacked hives, the queen does not move up the hive in search of warmth.

Please note that frames and foundation are not included with the hive, but they can be purchased pre-assembled from our friends over at hobee they are of great quality and work perfectly with our hives.

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Nuno Silva
Great Looking Hive! But...

I can't talk for the bees yet, but the hive looks beautiful and seems really well made and functional. The only reason for the 3 stars is that the stand delivered was made of Pine instead of Cedar and this was not agreed before delivery. The quality of the pine seems good but this should have been discussed. After oiling the outside of the hive the cedar takes on a lovely golden colour and the pine doesn't, it looks a mismatch. For such an ornamental hive (that's what this is in reality) these details matter and should be addressed.


Well made and great hives! Highly recommended. We are using these hives in a wheelchair accessible apiary we have built to help more of our local community get into beekeeping

Big, well made - sturdy.

We previously had a top bar hive because my wife cannot lift supers and this is 'her' hive. The top bar was great but it was difficult for my wife to inspect the comb on the bars in summer because the bar must be held perfectly horizontal or the comb can fall off - this happened once and it was enough to put us off the top bar.
This hive has frames so the honeycomb is well supported. The mesh floor with varroa boards underneath allows quick and easy varroa counts if needed. The construction is solid and you can feel how sturdy the whole hive is. Plenty of space for up to twenty brood frames in each half so lots of space for the bees to build and grow.
A great hive.

Dick Mayon-White
Bees wintered well

The two colonies in my long hive were installed last September and have thrived over the winter, far better than in the National hives that I have used for last 60 years. I changed because I wanted to have less lifting as I get older. The hive was comfortable to use from the onset and the two colonies settled in quickly. One colony was small, covering only 7 brood frames going into winter. It managed well through the winter and I gave it a litre of fondant in February. Both colonies are flourishing in early April - lovely clean brood frames, no chalk brood, no wax moth. I did not put on any insulation, and I was very pleased that there was no condensation. Quick checks in winter were easy - just lift the lid to see all is well.
I am looking forward to extracting honey from the National brood -size frames next month. Two challenges lie ahead. 1. Moving the long hive to a new site. I shall put the colonies to the old square National brood boxes for the journey and take the long hive separately. 2. Making an artificial swarm. Again, use the old brood boxes for the unhatched queen (just as easy as using a nucleus box. So my tip is: keep some of your old gear.

Hugh MacDonald
Beautiful object

The hive exceeded my expectations! Well made, robust and the finish (oil option) is excellent. Lid opens one-handed so managing the bees should be easy, looking forward to not having to heft heacy supers. The hive is an attractive piece in its own right, furniture that begs to be shown off rather than hidden away
Also looking forward to showing my granddaughter the bees through the trransparent crown boards!