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Watch our Long hive review by Laurence at Black Mountian Honey


This 40 framed long hive is for 2 separate colonies and can be made in these 3 different frame sizes and constructed from English cedar grown in Cirencester.

  • National (most popular)
  • 14x12 
  • Langstroth 

Beekeepers that are used to working with National hives will feel very much at home with the long National hive because it consists simply of an extended brood body. It has standard frames, and all parts of the hive can be accessed easily. Colonies are managed by inserting queen excluders and division boards vertically, and different entrances at each end to achieve splits or accommodate two colonies in a single hive. Made from English cedar that we mill and season at the workshop.


  • The hive is fully assembled

  • 4 x Perspex crown boards

  • 2 x Entrance reducer's (1 per colony)

  • 1 x Divider board

Please note: Queen excluders are not included and after much research and customer feedback, we realise they are not needed in our long hives. But obviously, if you would like to run your hive with a queen excluder (as lots of beeks do) they are available to purchase below.

You can purchase queen excluders here

Key features

Gas struts to keep the roof open

Clear crown boards for easy inspection


width x 600mm (base width 645mm)

length x 1800mm

height x 1000mm (top of brood box)

Please note: 

Frames and foundation are not included but can be purchased ready and assembled from our store here


We like to deliver your hive personally to ensure you get your hive in one piece. For this service, we charge a flat rate of £50. Unfortunately, we can only deliver to England and Wales.

To our Scottish friends, we can deliver to Scotland but please get in touch before placing your order 

You can collect it from our workshop near Kidderminster. Please select local pick up at check out

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Roger Brown
Roger Brown

The hive is beautifully made and finished.
I was thinking of giving up beekeeping because of my disability but not now.
This hive is a game changer in many ways. Being able to check on the the bees takes seconds.
No more heavy lifting.

Mark Neill

Can’t wait to see the bees in the new hive in the spring great looking hive well made.
It was a pleasure dealing with Matt & Dean

Kenty's Kicks
The Best Long Hive I'd say, buzzing.

After reading Keeping Bees with a smile I decided a long hive was for me. Only sticking point with colder climates the recommendation is to go deep Layens. Trouble then is extraction of honey. I plumped to call HydeHives and spoke with Dean who put my mind at ease with depth of hive. I've gone all DN4 brood frames which is a good compromise on Layens. The build quality of Hydehives is brilliant, top finish and love the see through crowns. Lovely to pop the lid with the gas struts to see what the gang are up too, totally game changing! The struts don't cushion the lid on closing so be careful letting go as it will go with a bang but helps greatly opening the lid and prevents the wind closing it. Pull out trays and mesh bottoms are great for integrated pest management.
The hive looks fabulous and so practical all round.
Only improvement I can think of is I've added rubber feet to the legs to keep frame off my slabs and I've added a clear stick on bath seal along the ridge. The 6l square English feeders fit unbelievably 👌
I've got my bee journey with HideHives on my YouTube channel Kenty's Kicks. Bees have been transferred and getting settled in for the winter to come, so time will tell. I've insulated inside the crown boards and do wonder if the hive thickness could be thicker or insulated. The recessed middle side sections are single wall (20mm I think) this section I may insulate and clad. May also insulate the lid but conscious hives need to breath also.
Like I say time will tell.
Very happy overall with my purchase and literally buzzing!

Andy Platt
Top class Hive

Excellent craftsmanship made and finished to a very high standard

Timothy Sherlock
Solid Long Hive

They are fantastically built and made to last with a lot of thought put into the workmanship. It's stylish and sturdy with legs at a solid angle giving it a low centre of gravity. It's heavy so it is unlikely to be blown over in the wind. Having clear crown boards is not only stylish, it's also great for a quick inspection with disturbing the bees. It means that you can lift the roof in winter and check to see if any feed needs topping up without chilling the bees. Having gas struts keeps the roof open and not risk having it fall down on you. The customer service was excellent.

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