2022 Queen Rearing (8xNuc)

Frame Size:

Our 5 framed 8 x Nuc Queen Rearing Long Hive is partitioned 6 times to form 8 Nucs with 8 separate entrances 3 at the front, 3 at the back, and 2 at either end.

These hives can be made in a few different frame sizes: National, Langstroth, Commercial and 14x12


  • The hive is fully assembled

  • 8 x Perspex crown boards

  • 6 x Removable partition boards

  Key features:

Gas struts to keep the roof open

Dimensions (roughly)

width x 600mm

length x 1800mm

height x 1000mm (top of brood box)

the height can be made altered to suit your needs

Please note: 

The frames are not included but can be purchased from our store

Delivery to England and Wales only or you are more than welcome to visit us and pick it up from the workshop.

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