Apimix Syrup with added vitamins and amino acids


Apimix is packed full of goodness for your bees, it contains all the essential sugars they need plus vitamins and amino acids.

Benefits of Apimix Ready for direct consumption, not requiring any water.

  • It contains high levels of vitamins and essential amino acids, which are necessary to stimulate the beehive brood.
  • High fructose content, very similar to honey.
  • Appealing product for bees and with the highest hygiene guarantees.

    Especially recommended for:

    • Feeding Between blooming seasons.
    • Spring stimulation.
    • Creation of new colonies.
    • Strong colonies going into winter

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    Youtube Reviews and Guide to Using can be found HERE  Courtesy of Stewart from Norfolk Honey

    Customer Reviews

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    Ian Stock
    Love it

    The bees just love this Apimix and with all the additives and nutrients, it's the perfect feed for those long winter months.

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