2022 Short Hive

Frame Type:

Our Short Hive is for a single colony with a single entrance. The hive is made up of 20 frames with a queen excluder separating the brood from the super or honey stores.

Our hives are made in a few different frame sizes, the most popular in the UK is the BS National (British Standard)

Frames sizes: National (DN4), Langstroth, 14x12


  • The hive is fully assembled
  • 2 x Clear crown boards

Please note: Queen excluders are not included and after much research and customer feedback, we realise they are not needed in our short hives. But obviously, if you would like to run your hive with a queen excluder (as lots of beeks do) they are available to purchase below.

You can purchase queen exluders here


 Key features:

Gas struts to keep the roof open


Clear crown boards for easy inspection



width x 600mm

length x 1200mm

height x 1000mm

the height can be made altered to suit your needs


Please note: 

The frames are not included but can be purchased from our store

£50 delivery charge to England and Wales only or you are more than welcome to visit us and pick it up from the workshop.

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